Spring 2010 Itenerary

Very soon we’ll be taking off on a cruise from South Texas to South Florida. We’ll be posting details of our trip as we can and if you’re interested in following us across the Gulf of Mexico, I’ll be posting daily reports via Twitter and Facebook. Click Here to follow me on Twitter or Friend me on Facebook.

Here is our itinerary for the trip:

  • 4/21 – Leave Ingleside on the Bay, Texas

Crew: Clark Haley, Bill Baumann, Jon Carlson, and Tom McHugh

  • April 28-30 – Arrive in Key West
  • May 1 – Michelle to arrive by plane
  • May 1 through May 15 – Michelle and Clark to cruise from Key West. We really have no set plan, though Michelle wants to spend a few days in Key West and the Dry Tortugas. Beyond that, we’ll see what happens.
  • May 16 – Michelle will fly back to Texas to work while I fly to Denver for a conference
  • May 21 and May 22 – We will fly back to Florida with our return crew
  • May 22 – Set sail for Texas

Return Crew: Clark, Michelle, Jim Haley (Clark’s Dad), Patrick Haley, and Sean Haley

  • May 28-29 – Arrive at Ingleside on the Bay, Texas.

To some that may seem like a really loose itinerary, but to those of you that are seasoned cruisers, you’re likely clucking to yourselves and saying this trip is much too ambitious. Either way, that’s our plan and we’ll make the best of whatever fate deals us!

Check back for periodic updates and pictures!!

Clark and Michelle Haley

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