Questions people ask us


Question: What about Pirates?
Answer: You can see them coming from a mile away — those silly pirate hats and the skull and cross bones flags are a dead give away.

Question: What do you do all day?
Answer: Something ALWAYS breaks. So far this trip, I’ve had to bypass a fuel filter on one engine, cut and replace a section of the main sheet (no easy task in 30 knots of wind), replace a screw on the helm seat, diagnose a problem with the generator (too rough to repair right now), repair a fuel leak in the fuel transfer pump, repair a problem with the auto-pilot, and a few minor issues that were just bugging me. I have PLENTY to do.

Question: Where does the poop go?
Answer: Really? Of all the interesting things to think about on a boat, this is what troubles you? Ok. If we’re in port or in bay system, we have two 20 gallon holding tanks just like you’d find on a motor home. When they start to get full, we go to a marina that can pump them out. If we’re at sea, we can turn a valve that bypasses the holding tanks and flushes semi-treated waste directly overboard. Can we finally put the poop question to bed?

Question: Don’t you get seasick?
Answer: Sometimes.

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