Take THAT, West Marine!

After our rough crossing last week, we had several repairs to make and Key West was the first opportunity to go ashore and purchase needed items. There are two options in Key West (that I know of) for purchasing marine parts: West Marine and El Cubanito Marine Hardware.

I love doing business with locally owned businesses, so I usually make Cubanito my first stop here in KW, but one item I needed was a cheek block for my reefing system. I assumed that my best bet to get this odd part would be West Marine, so off I went, only to find that the WM in Key West only carries sailing equipment for dinghies! “We can order it for you and we’ll have it in two days…” You’ve got to be kidding me!

Off to Cubanito — who had exactly what I needed. The package was dusty as if it had been on the shelf for years, but they knew that a sailor wants what a sailor wants, when he wants it! Suck it, West Marine!!


  1. Carl
      April 12, 2013

    I’m with you on that one Clark, I also go to the locals when possible. We have a small chandlery here that is kicking their butt. Wishing you guys smooth sailing crossing the stream!!!

    • Clark
        April 12, 2013

      We met a guy in the Dry Tortugas that is a West Marine manager and he told me that they used to have 3 aisles of sailboat hardware, but last year the company reduced that to less than an aisle so they could make room for more clothing! What they don’t realize is that they get people in to the store because of their hardware — and then we buy other high profit items. It’s not the other way around!!

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