Lost at Sea

We met Fletch, Barbara, Sailor, and Jib at West End, Bahamas. Fletch and Barbara are retired and living on the west coast of Florida. Sailor is a wonderful old female yellow lab and Jib is a bossy male poodle. We liked them all immediately.


Together, they make up the crew of Com’on Along and they’re headed for the Abacos too. We sailed with them to Great Sale Cay and planned to meet up again later along the way, but for the next few days, we had different agendas.

The sail from Great Sale Cay was tough: strong head winds and choppy seas. Michelle and I were both exhausted when we arrived at Munjack Cay late in the afternoon. It had been a tough day of motor sailing and pounding in to the opposing waves.

Aboard Com’on Along, the trip was much more dramatic. Within site of their intended destination of Spanish Cay, their engine quit and they decided to continue on, pounding in to the waves. Somehow in the wet and wild confusion, Jib, their poodle, fell overboard and without an engine they couldn’t retrieve him. Fletcher even jumped in the water to try and get him, but after circling around for an hour or more, they lost him to the sea.

Michelle and I are so sad for these wonderful people. We can’t imagine how hard it must be to lose a pet in this way.

May the winds fill your sails, Jib. RIP…

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