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Midnight to 3 AM

Latitude 24 52 N Longitude 88 28 W 4/5/2013 12:18 AM I thought I’d blog daily while crossing the Gulf of Mexico. Things tend to get in the way. I’m not complaining, but this has been the roughest Gulf Crossing I’ve ever had. Poseidon and Zeus have been conspiring to keep us from passing west […]

Update: 4/4/13 @ 5:15 EDT

Current position is 24.60N, -89.29W. Winds have backed to the NW at 25 knots and are finally pushing us straight for the Dry Tortugas. Seas are choppy with 6-8 foot waves, but still comfortable. ETA to Dry Tortugas is late Saturday night. View Larger Map

Questions people ask us

4/3/12 Question: What about Pirates? Answer: You can see them coming from a mile away — those silly pirate hats and the skull and cross bones flags are a dead give away. Question: What do you do all day? Answer: Something ALWAYS breaks. So far this trip, I’ve had to bypass a fuel filter on […]

Double Wide, You’re in a Pickle

Lat 27 57 North Long 91 43 West 4/3/12 4:00 PM “Sailing Vessel Double Wide, this is guard vessel Bunny Bordelon and you’ve got yourself in a real pickle. The vessels around you are part of a seismic research group and you’ve sailed within the boundary limits…” As the captain of the Bunny Bordelon was […]

Into Nothing

Lat 28.05N Long 92.32W More or less, when you go to sea, you lose site of land within 12-15 miles. But when you go to sea in the northern Gulf of Mexico, you’re really never alone. Oil companies have carpeted the surface of this part of the gulf with oil rigs, production platforms, and who […]