R&R at Gun Cay

Having made it safely up through the Abacos and home through the Berry Islands we decided to take a day to rest and enjoy the beautiful turquoise water and sugar white beaches  of Gun Cay. Tomorrow we’ll cross the Gulf Stream, but that’s in the future. Today is for relaxing!

We slept in, had a quick breakfast and took Tug Boat ashore for some R&R on the beach. The beach here is pretty narrow and at some points we had to walk in knee deep water to continue on. The sand continues in to the water about 15 feet and then drops off slightly and becomes a grassy bottom.

While we were walking along, I kept seeing Bone Fish patrolling in the short sandy area between the beach and the grass. I knew I’d have to come back with a rod & reel before we left this spot. After lunch and while Michelle was naping, I took Tug ashore along with my fishing gear. As I pulled the dinghy ashore, a 3 foot shark meandered past me, patrolling the same shallow, sandy area as the bone fish. Grabbing my rod, I cast in the direction that the shark had swum. BAM! The water came alive and I was battling with a decent sized bone fish. Those suckers put up a hell of a fight on light tackle. I pulled him up, and had another bite on my second cast, but couldn’t bring the next fish in. I made a few more casts and didn’t catch anything, so I figured. I’d quit while I was ahead. The shark continued to patrol…

Later, we invited Greg and Amy Wright from Peace (the Gulfstar 54 that bumped in to us last night) aboard for sundowners. They are new to sailing, but are having a ball with their Gulfstar. We made plans to buddy sail across the Gulf Stream tomorrow as we’re both headed for Rodriguez Key at Key Largo.




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