Across the Stream

Today we crossed the Gulf Stream. They say that you’re not supposed to cross with a North or Northwest wind, but the wind was moderate – 10-15 Kts, so we thought we’d give it a shot. It was a non-event with 2-4 foot seas out of the North. We made Rodriquez Key around 7:00 PM, anchored, and headed in to shore for a celebratory dinner at the local Tiki bar.

Side Note: Today would have been my brother Patrick’s 57th birthday. We lost him in 1989 to AIDS. He died 2 days after our son Patrick was born and I see many of the great qualities of my brother in my son. He was an artist, a traveler, a free spirit, and a wonderful human being. I know Patrick would have loved to have been part of our Bahamas Adventure – though he would have thought that our wonderful Manta sailboat was too fancy – he would want us to rough it a bit more. 

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