Key West!

We arrived at Key West today. We’ll stay at the Key West Bight Marina until around the 18th. Clark has to get off the boat for a business trip to California while Michelle and Tug stay behind to enjoy the local color.

Neither of us can believe that the vacation is over! We’ll leave here around May 19 bound for Ingleside on the Bay. We’ll have an old friend of Clark’s aboard, Tim Clipson along with Clark’s Dad, Jimmy Haley. If the weather will cooperate, we’ll sail from here to the Dry Tortugas for a day of snorkeling and touring then hop across the Gulf.


  1. Kit
      May 12, 2013

    Doesn’t the time just fly? Or sail . . . hopefully by the time you get back to Texas we’ll be close to closing on our farm. You’ll have to get up here for some hiking! So start planning your next (Colorado) vacation. Miss you guys —

    PS: Tug will LOVE the farm.

    • Clark
        May 13, 2013

      Kit, I’ll be headed to Denver in June. When I know my schedule I’ll drop you a note. I miss you guys. Tug and Michelle will likely not make the June trip 🙁

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