7:00 PM – 5/19/13 – We begin our crossing of the Gulf of Mexico with clear skies and East Winds at 10-12 Kts.

The day began with a beautiful sunrise aboard Double Wide in the harbor at Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas. Michelle, our friend Tim Clipson and I toured the old fort in the morning. I’ve been through here 5 or 6 times and I never get tired of it. Dad opted to “recharge his batteries” and stayed behind.

After lunch, we motored over to Loggerhead Key for a snorkel excursion. We anchored on the lee side of the island and took our dinghy ashore. Michelle and Tug Boat romped on the beach and Dad, Tim, and I snorkeled in the clear blue waters. I’ll post pictures when we get back to Texas – I promise!!

We begin the final leg of our vacation with perfect winds and a happy crew. I’ve promised Michelle that we WON’T have any rough weather on this crossing….I hope I can keep my promise. Just a reminder that we don’t have internet access until we get to Texas (or get close to an oil rig), so we won’t be able to respond to comments, send pictures, etc., but stay tuned as we’ll try to provide daily updates via our Satellite Phone.


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