Fifth Mate Guest Posting

Fifth mate Tim here, self assigned crew title that certainly fits, following Captain Clark, Admiral Michelle, Captain Emeritus Jim, Tugboat.

Some highlights of the voyage:
The Haley family is wonderfully welcoming providing great conversation, great food, and a great adventure. The weather is here and it is beautiful! Sunny and 70-80’s. Key West is always an island that I want and enjoy returning to. Chocolate dipped Key Lime Pie is definitely worth going off one’s diet. Seafood in Key West is incredible as are sunrises and sunsets. There are a plethora of unusual, interesting, beautiful and strange boats. Boats and people in Key West are a lot alike.
There are octopus in the water at Key West.
Sailed to a new place in the world for me on Saturday; The Dry Tortugas
Explored the amazing historic, mystifying and amazing Fort Jefferson and yes the Haley’s do bare a resemblance of Dr. Mudd, their ancestor who was incarcerated at Fort Jefferson and later pardoned for saving lives of so many who had contracted yellow fever.
Loggerhead Key is stunning. As we sailed toward this small white sand covered reef with a single light house in the middle, the white sand glistened against 5 colors of brilliant bright blue of the sea and sky.
Snorkelling at Loggerhead yielded sightings of beautiful purple corral, bright colored fish, and varieties of vegetation, mermaids and shells.

It’s now Monday morning, I believe (strange how time is elusive on a boat at sea). We began the crossing of the “Pond” last evening at 7pm with each taking evening shifts of three hours each. Jim, Tim, Clark and Michelle in that order. Somehow Tugboat escaped assignment. The evening was full of soft winds and light seas. Clark sighted the Carnival Magic this morning during his shift and a large school of dolphins. A multitude of flying fish this morning, Jim sighted a bird snatching one for breakfast.

By my estimate we should see land again in 5-25 days, depending of course on the wind, seas, currents, tides, storms, calm, crew, sails, food and libations.

A relearned life lesson from sailing: You can’t rush the calm or the wind of the sea, some things in life are not in our control. However, as the saying goes: we can adjust the sails.

Here are some more thought I’ve had this morning related to the sea, sailing, and life:
*It’s important to continue to surround yourself with a great crew throughout life. (how fortunate to have reconnected with Clark after 30 years and having the opportunity to spend time with him, Michelle, Jim and Tugboat).
*Understanding how to adjust, raise and lower the sails of our life: mind, body, heart and soul, will enrich the journey to the final shore.
*A happy sailor is a patient sailor, enjoying the spirit of each day at sea, the ebb and flow of life, sea, and sky.
*Most sailors are good helpful souls with great stories, somewhat like being at a Jimmy Buffett concert.
*No matter how old or young you are, life is a and can continue to be a great adventure.
*There is always something new to see, if it is indeed new or if it’s something you’ve seen before with new perspective and vision.
Time: 11:45 am EST Distance to Aransas Pass 707 NM Current speed 4.5-6 Knots (land and sea) Heading: 284
We are on our way. Pray with us for heart happy days, smooth seas and stiff breezes.

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  1. Ginger
      May 20, 2013

    Fifth Mate….So enjoyed your journal post. To reconnect to a friend is a treasure. Enjoy the ride.

  2. Pam
      May 21, 2013

    enjoy this adventure, beloved friend XO

  3. Barry
      May 21, 2013

    Fifth mate and my best boat buddy….I am happy you are having a great boating adventure. Safe sailing to you all.

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