Whale Update

After much conversation today, we think we’ve identified the whales we saw yesterday evening. Dad (Captain Emeritus Jim Haley) happens to have his old logs from his cruising in the early 80’s and tucked in to the log was an article on whales that are known to come in to the Gulf of Mexico. Based on drawings and descriptions, we believe the whales were Pygmy Sperm Whales. They grow to about 4 meters in length which is a bit larger than we saw. Mystery solved!

But wait, there’s more! This afternoon a pod of Pilot Whales swam within about 100-200 yards of us. Dad’s article came in handy again! There were about 15 whales in the pod and they swam past on a mission — we are headed west and they were headed east.

All these whale sightings reminds me of Michelle’s favorite joke. I’m far too modest to tell it myself, so you’ll have to ask her to tell you “The Whale Joke” the next time you see her!

Avast ye Mateys, where be me ration of grog?!

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