Where in the world is the Double Wide

It just dawned on me that I forgot to provide coordinates last night.

I think Jim (Clark’s Dad) is the only person that really tracks us daily on a chart and he’s with us on this trip, but just in case someone out there wants to know…

At 8:30 PM tonight, we were located at

26.17 north
90.28 west

For the rest of you, we’re somewhere in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. The moon and stars light the evening sky and suggest the correct way home. …see you in a few days.

Navigation lesson completed.

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  1. Leigh Ann
      May 23, 2013

    Last night I dreamed that you posted that if we look on Google Earth we could see you – one little dot of light – in the Gulf of Mexico. In the dream, I looked, and sure enough there was the dot. i remember thinking it was odd that yours was the only boat in the Gulf of Mexico. No more wine before bed!! 🙂

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