Running for the Barn

Though we’ve had a wonderful trip across the Gulf with Tim Clipson and Jim Haley, like the horses running for the barn, we’re anxious to see the Port Aransas jetties.
We’ve had great wind today, running before the wind (behind us), but we’ve been fighting a contra current which has slowed our progress by 1 to 2 knots. As a result we’ve been running both engines all day. We started off running them at about 1500 RPMs, but as the day has progressed, we’ve been pushing the engines a bit harder to keep our speed up. Right now, we’re running them at about 2200 RPM which is close to the top of Clark’s comfort zone for pushing the engines. Between the sails (with good winds) and the engines, we’re making almost 8 knots through the water, but with the current against us, we’re only making about 6 kts over ground. It’s very much like paddling up stream.

At one point early this morning, it looked like we would make the Port Aransas jetties around 3:00 AM tomorrow morning (5/25); presently the computers (and Tim Clipson’s mathematical mind) are predicting a 7:00 AM arrival. Captain Jim thinks the rest of us are crazy for being in a hurry. I believe he’d be happiest if we turned around and headed back for Florida – I’ve got my eye on him!!

60 miles to go…

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  1. Ginger
      May 25, 2013

    Good mornin* KEEP ON PEEDLING! Hope your there by now.

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