Cruising with Dogs

When we were in West End, we met a nice couple from Florida, Fletch and Barbara aboard “Com’on Along.” We felt a special bond with them because they were cruising with pets. Sailor – 100 pounds of sweetness in the form of a yellow lab, and Jib, the Drill Sargent – a 10 pound poodle.

Great Sale Cay is not of any importance, except that it is a great place to stop for the night when sailing in or out of the Abacos AND it has a beautiful white sand beach that is perfect for dogs and people to stretch their legs after a long day sail.

When Com’on Along arrived, we put our dinghy in the water and motored over to pick up Sailor, Jib, and Barbara and had a great time romping up and down the beach, playing in the water, and searching for treasure.

Now that’s cruising with the dogs!

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