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Michelle and Clark’s Most Excellent Double Wide Exuma Adventure

We had a wonderful time this past week showing the Exuma Land & Sea Park to our friend, Tim Clipson. Along the way, we began teasing him about giving us a good “Yelp Review,” thus the title for this post. It was a Most Excellent week! I’m not sure I can adequately describe the week, […]

What we get for our trouble

Some might ask, “Why would you bother to sail several hundred miles, dodge coral reefs, leave family behind, and fight off pirates (just kidding – on the pirate part)? Here’s why! We spent most of this week in the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park, which was the first park of its kind in the […]

Always Working!

Michelle took this picture of me while I was on a conference call this morning. I was using my Satellite Phone, which requires that you be in an open area with nothing in the way that could block the signal. On Double Wide, that means climbing on to the roof above the cockpit!

Stepping Across the Great Bahama Bank

When people ask me about the Bahamas, they’re always surprised when I explain that the Bahamas actually encompasses quite a large area. In fact, from North to South the chain of islands that make up the Bahamas strings out across approximately 700 miles and includes 2,400 individual islands or Cays (pronounced KEYS). It’s a big […]

East from Bimini (and Florida)

After a bumpy crossing from Miami to South Bimini, we were happy to tie up at Bimini Sands Marina to wash off the salt and relax a bit with fellow Manta owners, Scott and Tina Ligon aboard Sangaris. The cruising community is close knit, but add another point or two of mutual interests (e.g., sailors, […]

Bahamas 2015 — Here we come!

Michelle, Tug Boat, Sailor and I made it back to Coral Gables last night around 8:00 PM and had to wait at the dinghy dock for less than 15 minutes for a fellow cruiser to give me a lift out to Double Wide, which was moored at the very furthest mooring in the Dinner Key […]