Category: 2009 Adventures

Back to Ingleside on the Bay (sadly)

In July, the prevailing weather is supposed to be settled with steady South to South-East winds. In July 2009, what wind we had for our crossing was out of the West to South-West. Mostly, though, we had NO wind for our trip back to Texas. We literally motored for 4 or the 5 days we […]

Destin Back to Pensacola

We were all set to leave Destin — until we found the starboard engine was dead! A quick check pointed to the start battery and we put the dinghy back in the water and I headed to the auto parts store which was about a mile on foot. Battery replaced we were ready to go […]

Pensacola to Destin

Back in 1996, Michelle and I spent a night in Destin while on a road trip to Disney with our kids. We fell in love with the beautiful white beaches and clear water and we couldn’t wait to experience it again. Our original plan was to sail down the bay from Pensacola to Destin over […]

Clear Lake to Pensacola

We left Clear Lake early the next morning. This would be Michelle’s first Gulf crossing and the first time we would sail together for multiple days – just the two of us. FYI, when you make a direct crossing, there aren’t any hotels or campgrounds, so you have to keep sailing – day and night. […]

Ingleside to Clear Lake

In June and July of 2009, we took Double Wide across the Gulf to the Pensacola/Destin area and then back to Ingleside. Below is a recap of this fantastic trip (photos at the bottom of the post). Michelle and I invited my father, Jim Haley, to join us on our summer adventure. We set sail around […]