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Snorkeling off Man Of War Cay

I thought we would be snorkeling every single day, but after 30 days on the boat and 10 days in the Abacos, we finally got in the water yesterday for a little snorkeling expedition. The water was clear, but we didn’t find much in the way of reefs. It felt good to get in the […]

Tug Carrier

Tug has us trained pretty well. We take him for walks daily and when he gets tired he sits down and refuses to go further, so we end up carrying him back to the boat. Michelle did a little thinking on this problem and came up with a great solution — the Tug Papoose!

Marine Ways on Man of War Cay

This one is just for my Dad because he used to own a marine repair facility in Port Isabel, Texas. The marine ways here reminds me so much of my Dad’s shop.┬áThe only thing missing from this marine weighs is Gregorio, the yard manager… Enjoy, Dad!!

Man of War

We spent a wonderful morning and afternoon at Man of War Cay yesterday. Like a number of other towns here in the Abacos, the heart of the town is situated between a well protected harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. The residents take a lot of pride in their community. The cottages are well maintained and […]

Nippers, Great Guana Cay

I can’t tell you that we did a really great job of researching the Abacos before we arrived, but what I can tell you is that everything we read and everyone that we talked to said that if we got to the Abacos we HAD to got to Nippers on Great Guana Cay for the […]

The Most Beautiful Beach in the World

We spent a couple of days in Treasure Cay, which has, among other things the most beautiful beach we’ve ever seen. We broke out our beach chairs and umbrella so that we could take in the beauty.   But there was more to this wonderful place than just a beautiful beach. We anchored in the […]

Lost at Sea

We met Fletch, Barbara, Sailor, and Jib at West End, Bahamas. Fletch and Barbara are retired and living on the west coast of Florida. Sailor is a wonderful old female yellow lab and Jib is a bossy male poodle. We liked them all immediately. Together, they make up the crew of Com’on Along and they’re […]

There goes the neighborhood!

This small yacht worked it’s way through the anchorage on it’s way to the dock this evening just before dark. The Lady J, 163 feet of pure decadence!