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Back in Ingleside

We made the jetties at 5:20 AM and were back at the dock in Ingleside at by 7:00 AM. And just like that, our vacation has ended. 🙁 We’re already starting to talk about our next adventure….stay tuned!

Running for the Barn

Though we’ve had a wonderful trip across the Gulf with Tim Clipson and Jim Haley, like the horses running for the barn, we’re anxious to see the Port Aransas jetties. We’ve had great wind today, running before the wind (behind us), but we’ve been fighting a contra current which has slowed our progress by 1 […]

165 and counting

It’s 4 AM on the 24th, and we’re down to our final day of sailing the Gulf. All bets have been made and we’re waiting to see who will win the coveted bottle of rum for guessing the time we’ll arrive at the Port Aransas jetties. Michelle and Tim complain that the game is rigged […]

Whale Update

After much conversation today, we think we’ve identified the whales we saw yesterday evening. Dad (Captain Emeritus Jim Haley) happens to have his old logs from his cruising in the early 80’s and tucked in to the log was an article on whales that are known to come in to the Gulf of Mexico. Based […]

Where in the world is the Double Wide

It just dawned on me that I forgot to provide coordinates last night. I think Jim (Clark’s Dad) is the only person that really tracks us daily on a chart and he’s with us on this trip, but just in case someone out there wants to know… At 8:30 PM tonight, we were located at […]

Here There Be Whales!

Humans have selective memory. Luckily we forget the painful experiences in our lives, but do we remember the perfect days? I hope so, because today was just about as perfect as we could hope for. Sunny with a good breeze to move the boat along at a comfortable romp, warm, but not too hot that […]

Great Catch

We’ve sailed from Galveston to Florida to the Bahamas and back to Florida over the past two months and not once have I broken out the rods to troll while sailing – until today. I set up the rigs with my two favorite lures: the black and purple skirted sailfish lure with a shiny head […]

The Dolphins are Back!

We had a perfect night of sailing downwind last night. Winds were East at 10 Kts most of the night and the half moon shined through the clouds until around 3:00 AM. Dad took the first shift from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM. Tim drew 2nd shift from 10:00 PM until 1:00 AM. Clark was […]