About Michelle

HPIM0586Hi, I’m Michelle Haley and I’d like to tell you a little about me. I married the most incredible man, Clark Haley, and he has opened an exciting world for me! I love the adventures and journeys he takes me on. We have 2 sons (Patrick and Sean) who make us so proud. Now that they are off to college, it’s PARTY TIME!!!

I grew up in Houston, Texas where my parents worked for NASA.  My Dad was in management for FORD Aerospace and worked in the Astronaut Office. This allowed me to see great things like the Shuttle Simulator, Shuttle Discovery, and the Apollo Sawyus rocket take off in Florida. Dad loved to fly airplanes and would take me with him at times. My mother worked for Technicolor where she helped color pictures for the space program.  She always had fun pictures to share with us like the earth from the moon and the first spider in space and its intricate web.

I spent my youth hanging out at my grandmother’s ranch in Leakey, Texas. I loved to ride horses and climb the local mountains with my cousins. My parents are now retired and they now live on the ranch with Lucy the Lama, numerous goats, deer, and a few cows.  I thought I would always live on the ranch and have horses, until I met my Sailor.

HPIM0454Our boys are now out of the house and on their own. Patrick, our oldest graduated from Texas A&M in 2012 and Sean, our youngest is attending Texas A&M at Galveston.

I work as an RN Circulator in the operating room of a small outpatient surgery center in San Antonio.  I have tried many different nursing jobs over the years, but my calling is the OR.

Clark and I can’t wait to set sail.  We took our first big cruise in July 2009 on the Double Wide from Corpus Christi, TX, to Pensacola, FL and back.  Since then we have made multiple Gulf crossings and have enjoyed every minute of our time aboard Double Wide.

Bon Voyage!!!