Hope Town

We spent a couple of nice relaxing days in Hope Town this week. This is a small harbor with no room for anchoring, so we paid $20 per night stay on a mooring. The boats were packed in so tight that you could almost reach out and touch the boats around you.

Even with the tight quarters, we really enjoyed Hope Town. There were three other Mantas in the harbor and we enjoyed spending some time with them – sharing stories and information.

Hope Town is the end of our Abacos adventure. From here on we’ll be fighting the clock to get back to Key West in time for me to catch a flight to California on May 12. Today we’ll run 15 miles to Little Harbor and then we start the long 40-50 mile days to jump from anchorage to anchorage on our way back to Florida.

We hate to leave, but we know we’ll be back….

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