Here There Be Whales!

Humans have selective memory. Luckily we forget the painful experiences in our lives, but do we remember the perfect days? I hope so, because today was just about as perfect as we could hope for. Sunny with a good breeze to move the boat along at a comfortable romp, warm, but not too hot that we couldn’t nap comfortably in the shade, and great sailing mates that are interesting to talk to, but not overbearing. And then there was the whale sighting!

Yep, I said whales! just before a near perfect sunset, Tim spotted a pod of whales about 300 yards away. We quickly jibed the main and set a course for a whale rendezvous. We think there were three or four small whales, about 15-20 feet in length, and grey in color. We could see their dorsal fins as they rolled on the surface and when we got too close, we were treated to the classic “tail up” view as they headed for the deep. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will be able to identify the species because they didn’t let us get as close as we would have liked.

Michelle and Tim got pictures and video from a distance, but clearly they were whale (You’ll have to check back next week for proof, because we can’t upload pictures and video via our satellite phone).

This has been one of those days that I hope I will remember in perfect clarity as it recedes in to the past. Here’s to an even better day tomorrow!!


  1. Pam
      May 22, 2013

    WOW! for someone who doesn’t fish, quite impressive Dr.Clipson, Hunter will be so proud! XO

  2. Patrick Haley
      May 23, 2013

    They’re Pilot Whales! I saw them out there last summer!

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