Exumas at Last

I have been reminded multiple times by several friends that I haven’t posted any updates in quite a while. Sorry, it’s been a pretty busy April so far… After a couple of wonderful weeks in the Abacos, 1st with our good friends Tom & Diane McHugh and then with 40 of our new best friends and fellow Manta owners during the Manta Migration (more details on the Migration coming soon), we have moved south past Eluthra and in to the Exumas. We knew we when we’d arrived by the color of the water. That is to say that when you leave the Atlantic and pass below Eluthra Sound, the water changes from the deep blue of the Atlantic to the emerald green of the Eluthra sound and finally (and quite suddently), the water becomes the most beutiful aqua that you can imagine — and that’s when you know you’ve made it to the Exumas.

We had two wonderful days of sailing from Little Harbour in the Abacos to get here. We waited a couple of days, until the wind switched around to the North East, so that we could sail rather than motor (a novel concept aboard Double Wide, BTW). On Thursday, we stopped at Current Cay, Eluthra, around 3 in the afternoon and rested after a 10 hour romp across the Atlantic, making 8-10 knots the whole way. Today we sailed south past Eluthra and made it to Shroud Cay in time for celebratory drinks on the beautiful white sand beach just yards from our anchorage.

We’ll spend a day or so here, snorkeling and wondering around in the mangrove channels that criss-cross the interior of this cay. When we’ve had as much as we can possibly stand of this beautiful spot, we’ll up anchor and continue south to the next paradise.

When we get to a place that has wifi access, I’ll upload pictures, I promise!!

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  1. Don Turner
      April 11, 2014

    Thank God you sent a post. I was so worried I was going to buy a ticket tomorrow and come look for you guys! Glad you are having a wonderful time…………

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