Off to No Name Harbor

Up at dawn to start a new adventure. The goal for today? No Name Harbor south of Miami, but first we have to find our way out of the Labyrinth that is the canal system of Fort Lauderdale. We had planned on stopping for fuel on the way out to open waters, but who knew that every fuel stop would be closed today. No worries. We’re a sailboat, after all.

Wind? Aw nuts. I forgot to order the wind. No worries. We can just motor. And motor is what we do — as long as the fuel lasts. Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll note that we bought extra fuel before we left. A whopping 5 gallons! Fuel installed, injectors re-primed, a change of course and in we go to Miami Beach where there is an open fuel dock, though a mega yacht pulled in just in front of us and we had to wait a full hour while they put $10,000 worth of fuel aboard!

On to No Name Harbor. At the north end of Biscayne Bay, this great little anchorage is the perfect place to wait for a good weather window to head south to the keys or east to the Bahamas. We pulled in right at dusk and just as Thanksgiving dinner was coming out of the oven. After many attempts to get the anchor to set in the hard marl bottom, we finally gave up and pulled along side the wharf and had dinner and a lively game of Monopoly with the boys.