Fall is for Maintenance

Fall around the Haley house means it’s time to think about maintenance projects aboard Double Wide. This year we have a number of projects that we want to undertake and some of the the work can’t be done in Ingleside, so off we go to Seabrook…

Here’s a partial list of the items on our To-Do List:

  • Cockpit Enclosure – We’re going to have the enclosure rebuilt and extend it so that the entire cockpit can be closed in. 
  • Replace Main Halyard Sheaves
  • Replace Life Lines
  • New Jib Cover
  • Install Satellite Phone with external antennae
  • General Engine Maintenance – We have a couple of minor oil leaks that I can’t seem to track down and it’s time to have a mechanic do a little preventative maintenance.

Not all of this work needs to be done in Seabrook. We hope to bring the boat home right after Thanksgiving — if everyone gets their part done!!