Santa Came to Visit Double Wide

I got Michelle a new Helmsman’s Seat this past Christmas. Some of you may think that’s a bit like buying your wife a¬†vacuum¬†cleaner for Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary. I get it, but I can’t help myself — it’s in the genes, but that’s a story for another time!

Actually, we really needed a new seat and Michelle and I had been thinking about upgrading from a single seat to a double so that we could both sit at the helm at the same time. If she didn’t appreciate the gesture, she hid it pretty well because she seemed pretty excited about it on Christmas morning!

So ANYWAY, I bought Michelle a new seat for Christmas, but it wasn’t a simple installation. Upgrading from a single to a double seat meant replacing the pedestal with a new and more substantial one. Since it was clear that we would need to leave Double Wide in Clear Lake for a lot longer than we originally planned, I researched and found a company in the area that had a good reputation and arranged with them to build the new pedestal. Jason from JZ Custom delivered the finished product this morning and I installed it with the help of some friends in the marina. I am very happy with the results and can’t wait to try it out on our upcoming trip to Key West and the Bahamas.

Merry Christmas Michelle!!!


Helm Seat facing forward. There is a slide to move the seat forward and backward.


The seat back can be flipped so that you can face aft when at anchor.


We had two foot rests welded on to the pedestal so that you have a place for your feet, whether you’re facing forward or aft. The footrests can be folded out of the way easily.


Another view of the pedestal. That’s 2″ aluminum pipe!