Just Another Day at Sea…

Really not much news today. The winds didn’t moderate as much as the wind charts had indicated, so we’ve been bouncing along, beating in to a 25 knot breeze. Jack and Tim seem to have accepted their fate better than I. I was sullen most of the day, but a sun downer, a good hot meal, and the comfort of friends has mellowed my mood.

The wind has gone more east, so we’re not able to sail straight at Fort Myers and it doesn’t look like the wind will shift tomorrow either. Our plan is to keep sailing, close hauled, until we get some protection from the Florida Coast, then we’ll take and go north toward our destination. Our current thinking is that we’ll arrive in Fort Myers late afternoon tomorrow, so a little delayed, but not too bad.

While Jack has continued in his normal, layed back style, Tim, I fear is cracking up. He swears that he’s hearing ghosts talking to him when he’s in his cabin. His words, “Ghostly sea noises made it seem as Double Wide had come alive and entered as a spirit in my berth!” I’ve tried pointing out that the auto pilot hydraulics are directly below him (and they do make strange noises), but he refuses to accept the truth…:)

Cuirrent Location:

26.17 North
83.46 West


PS: I received some sad news tonight from Michelle. My Dad’s best friend, Tommy Carruth passed away yesterday in Port Isabel. Tommy was a part of our family for most of my life. He was a good sailor, a great friend to Dad, and a wonderful human being. He will be missed. Smooth Seas, Tommy!