Exploring with the Bryants

Our friends Alan and Kit Bryant flew in last week to escape the cold of Colorado for a few days. They stayed at Fowl Cay Resort , which is located right next door to Big Majors and Staniel Cay, so we were able to spend some quality time with them, exploring the Exumas Land and Sea Park. We had a blast zooming around in the 17 foot runabout that the resort provides to their guests and we even got to go sailing aboard Double Wide one afternoon!

Thanks, Alan and Kit for allowing us to share your spring vacation with you!

Alan and Kit at Cambridge Cay

Alan and Kit at Cambridge Cay


Lunch on a sandbar near Cambridge Cay

Cruising in the park

Cruising in the Park

Lobster at Admirals Choice Cay

Lobster only seem to show up AFTER the season has closed…Wonder how they know???

Piggy Beach

No trip to the Exumas is complete without a trip to Piggy Beach on Big Majors, Exumas


Great Snorkeling all throughout the Exumas Land and Sea Park and it was super easy to zip around with the Bryants’ boat!!

Elkhorn Coral

Elkhorn Coral formation at Rocky Dundas Cay (that’s Kit in the background).

Rachel's Bubble Bath

Enjoying a brisk dip at Rachel’s Bubble Bath on the north end of Compass Cay.