Moonset at Sunrise – and a Lunar Eclipse to Boot!

Down island, I get up at 6:30 AM every morning (except Sunday) to listen to the weather forecast on our Single Side Band Radio. This is an important chore, because when you live on the water, you need advance warning of bad weather – and with no (or limited) internet and no local radio, this is the only way we can get the information we need. Often, I’m rewarded with a spectacular sunrise and OCCASIONALLY, I get to witness a beautiful moon set as well. Last week I was watching the moon set and thinking, “Wait a minute. The moon was full last night; how could it be waning so quickly?” Within a few minutes I realized the moon was waning further (and from the wrong direction?)!! What the hell??!!

When I say we’re isolated out here, I’m not kidding. The weather guy I listen to every morning doesn’t bother with news and information that doesn’t pertain to wind direction and velocity, etc. Who knew I would witness a lunar eclipse during moonset/sunrise?

Note: like an idiot, I watched the eclipse in awe, but didn’t think I should wake Michelle so she could enjoy the view. I should have thought that through better…


Moonset AND Lunar Eclipse at Warderick Wells, Exumas