A New Chapter in Our Cruising Life

Well, they say that the best 2 days in a boat owner’s life are when he buys his boat and when he sells it and today it is the later. Michelle and I are feeling a both sad and happy about letting you all know that we have sold Double Wide (that’s the sad part) and the happy part is that we’ve purchased a new boat. Our new boat is a 47 foot Nordhavn trawler. Some of our sailing friends may think less of us for leaving sailing and going to a power boat and leaving sailing behind, but we’re excited about the cruising opportunities that our new boat opens up to us. The new boat, which we’ll take possession of in a couple of weeks will be called ROAM. I’ve already started working on a new website, so feel free to check her out: www.mvroam.com.

We look forward to seeing our cruising friends out there in the coming months and years and we hope our non-boating friends will come and join us from time to time on our future adventures.