Best Laid Plans

We were up early again in order to motor over to the marina that we were planning to have pull our boat when we returned to Texas. The plan was to make final arrangements for the haul out later in the day. First, however, my cousin Mark Haley, his wife, and their daughter were scheduled […]

John Pennekamp National Park

We were up and moving in time to witness a spectacular sunrise. No wind again today, which was a little frustrating. We bought a sailboat after all, not a stink pot! After an hour of motoring we were passed by the same yacht that held us up at Miami Beach Marina. A quick radio conversation […]

Off to No Name Harbor

Up at dawn to start a new adventure. The goal for today? No Name Harbor south of Miami, but first we have to find our way out of the Labyrinth that is the canal system of Fort Lauderdale. We had planned on stopping for fuel on the way out to open waters, but who knew that every […]

It’s Not the Size of the Yacht….

Our boys, Patrick and Sean flew in this afternoon for our Thanksgiving cruise. As we pulled into Fort Lauderdale Marina, the boys were excited to see all the boats. “Is that our new boat?” No. “How about that one?” Not that one either. There she is next to the motor yacht. “Really? It’s tiny!” Grrrr. […]

We Own a Manta!

Yahooo! We took delivery of our Manta 40 today! The former owners, Bob and Joan Pfarr, were very gracious and spent most of the day helping us get familiar with the boat. Running and standing rigging, radios, plumbing, ground tackle; where were the batteries again? Dang, there’s a lot to learn and I’m totally overwhelmed!! […]